Episode 21

Chloe Hedden's Art: A Meditation on Light

Chloe Hedden lives in Austin, Texas where she has an art studio in her backyard. Listen to Chloe's story of her life's journey as an artist. We discuss education, grief, and play. Allow the passion she shares for her practice to inspire your practice.

Chloe's website: https://www.chloehedden.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/chloehedden/

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I am a mama living in the desert southwest. I love horseplay, yoga, mountains, fresh flowers and baking from scratch. We're all practicing, intentionally, or not. I'm on the journey to bring more grace, love and expansion into my practices and relationships. I appreciate the humans that share their stories so generously on this podcast and the listeners that choose to spend their time with us.